Governance, Accountability and Performance Measurement: An Analysis of the Systems and Practices in the Malaysian Public Sector
Vol. 1, No. 1, 2011, pp. 121 – 132


: A.K Siti-Nabiha, Danilah Salleh


Accountability is one of the elements of good governance in the public sector. Various countries, including Malaysia, have used performance measurement, especially the system of key performance indicators, as one of the ways to improve performance and subsequently show accountability to their citizens. As such, in this paper, an analysis of the performance measurement initiatives and practices of the Malaysian public sector are discussed with specific emphasis on the Government Transformation Program (GTP) which was introduced in 2009. As compared to the previous systems implemented in the Malaysian public sector, the GTP uses a more integrated performance measurement system. However, there are various issues pertaining to the new GTP program, which are also discussed and elaborated in this paper.